Colourful and flavoursome Cocktails and Aperitivo's are very much a part of everyday Italian life!

Take full advantage of our any two cocktails for £10 offer which runs all day every day here at The Italian!

All cocktails made with premium ingredients and most have an Italian theme, ingredient or twist. A mixture of good old fashioned classics and our creations.

We are now also delivering our cocktails!

See the menu section of this website for more information and to see our takeaway cocktail menu!

Cheers! Or as they say in Italy: "alla salute!" (to good health)

    Italian Summer Punch, Sangria Italiana, Capri Spritz and Espresso Martini on their way to a table

Italy's famous Aperol Spritz

The hugely popular Espresso Martini and a  delicious warming Irish Coffee.

The secret to a good Espresso Martini is definitely to use good quality freshly made Italian Espresso!

Our Gaggia coffee machines were imported to us from a coffee shop in Milan and are older than our restaurant itself!

Italian Summer Punch and Mango Bellini

Capri Spritz, Limoncello Daiquiri and Amaretto Sour, our three lemon based cocktails

Aperol Spritz, Sgroppino and 

Espresso Martini

Our downstairs barman Luca is an expert in cocktail making and Italian wines and spirits!

Our Affogato Martini, finished with

Italian ice cream


Our own variation Watermelon Aperol Spritz and the classic Aperol Spritz

Strong, bitter and serious, this is the classic Italian Negroni


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